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Popper & Company LLP has been in existence serving the needs of the New York metropolitan areas small and medium sized corporations and high net worth individuals for more than 40 years.  In addition to providing the normal array of tax and accounting services, we concentrate on developing a strong client relationship by providing highly informed, unbiased financial and business consulting.  We see ourselves as more than just accountants.  To our business clients, we not only perform audits, reviews and compilations, but we provide the skilled financial management expertise that a smaller business ordinarily needs, but cannot afford on a full time basis.  To our high net worth individuals, we provide the trustworthy, unbiased advice and expertise to augment, interpret and distill the information and recommendations of a clients other advisors and to integrate that advice into the client’s annual and overall tax, retirement and financial plan.

Popper & Company LLP has 20 qualified professionals and staff to serve the needs of our clients.  Our two partners bring over 80 years of combined business experience to our firm.  Our tax director provides us with up to date technical expertise regarding the tax law and changes which often have a significant impact on businesses and their owners.  We maintain a stable environment for our staff of accountants which allows us to bring continuity and efficiency to each engagement and our partners are personally involved with each and every client.  Our firm remains up to date on current computer technology, including going paperless.  We have full remote access capabilities and we take advantage of new technology to reduce cost and increase efficiency whenever possible.  We have a working knowledge of a variety of accounting, business and tax software.  We are fully accredited by the AICPA and have received a clean opinion and the highest rating from the Quality Review Board.  As a firm, we combine the stability and experience of our older, established partner with the youthful enthusiasm of our younger partner and professionals.

Our clientele spans a wide range of industries and sizes from small single person professional corporations to mid-size service organizations.  Industries we serve include law firms, real estate, staffing companies, hedge fund management companies, medical and dental group practices, consulting firms, graphic arts, information technology and the internet, import/export, manufacturing and others. Our experience with these clients, as well as our other clients, allows us to fully understand the complex business and tax issues facing businesses today.  Our individual tax practice caters to high net worth individuals and focuses on planning in addition to compliance.  We also service a number of very high net worth clients, from tax planning and compliance to bookkeeping to financial consulting.

In addition to servicing companies and individuals based in the Metropolitan New York area, we also handle a number of individuals and companies that have filing requirements in multiple states, including CA, PA, MD, VA, IL and others.  We also service the US needs of individuals and entities with foreign operations and holdings or who reside abroad as well as the US needs of a variety of foreign individuals and entities with operations in the US.  We have experience coordinating tax planning with professionals from overseas from a cross-border perspective in jurisdictions such as the UK, Israel, Austria, and Canada among others.

Our fees are based upon our time input and are billed based upon graduated hourly rates depending upon the level of professional providing the service.  We always try to assign the person with the lowest billing rate who is qualified to perform the required task to each part of the engagement.  Our rates are reasonable and comparable to other qualified firms in the New York metropolitan area.

We, as a firm, pride ourselves in our service.  We realize that what sets us apart from other accountants is our ability to provide value added quality service to our clients timely and cost effectively.  You will be an important client to our firm.  We provide consistently efficient, quality service and our clients can look forward to a strong and productive relationship with us.